The financial decisions made in the ten years before retirement and the ten years after retirement are considered the most crucial. Making the right choices during this influential time can help create a life of stability and provide added peace of mind.

At Avalon Wealth, we strive to provide strategic services that you can count on to help guide you through the entire retirement process — before, during, and after.

Investment Analysis

We take a holistic approach when analyzing your investments. Our goal is to answer the question: “How well does each investment and portfolio option complement your retirement goals?” Utilizing smart tools, including Morningstar technology, we’ll identify your risk tolerance and compare it to the risk of your current portfolio to find any disparity.

Income Planning

When planning for retirement income, we believe it is important to create and implement an income optimization strategy to ensure income can last your entire life. Each client’s income needs are unique and require a customized solution that considers Social Security, investment income decisions, pension election decisions, tax avoidance strategies, and legacy planning.

Wealth Management

As an independent fee-based advisor, we utilize money managers that follow an academic approach to investing. Each money management strategy is designed around the stage of life you are in, creating an appropriately balanced portfolio. We understand that in addition to smart portfolio management, there should be smart portfolio monitoring, so you can always be in touch with your portfolio’s progress.

Estate Planning

We believe each family should have the proper estate planning documents in place to increase “peace of mind” during their retirement years. A properly built estate plan helps your loved ones avoid potential complications created by an unforeseen death or unexpected incapacity.

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